About Our Root & Bloom Cannabis Product Brands: goods.

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Among our line of cannabis product brands, there’s one that you can especially rely on to provide natural, delicious flavors and effects for a bespoke experience: goods. is our “Welcome-to-the-Family” line of edibles and vapes, formulated by the Root & Bloom team to elevate your everyday experiences. Keep reading to learn more!   About ‘goods.’ […]

Exploring the Intricate Connection Between Nootropics & Cannabis

Today’s natural health and wellness market is full of various supplements, vitamins, as well as many other substances. All of these have been shown to potentially help your mind/body elevate, enhancing all senses and functions. Often known as smart drugs, nootropics are natural or synthetic substances often used to boost focus, memory, creativity, intelligence, alertness, […]

The Importance of Lab Testing in the Legal Cannabis Industry

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Despite the varying regulatory framework and legalization policies throughout the country, cannabis is still a consumer product and good. (Just like everything else we use for our daily lives.) Because of that, it must go through the same procedures to ensure a safe, clean, and consistently great product is provided to the market.  Lab testing […]

Detailing the Role of Various Beneficial Cannabinoids in Marijuana Products

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There is a flurry of natural compounds in cannabis that contribute to the overall effects consumers experience. Because of this, ongoing research aims to explore the seemingly endless number of compounds that make up cannabis and hemp flower.  However, there is one specific type of canna-compound that plays an extremely important part in the process […]

Root & Bloom – A Full Spectrum of Cannabis Experiences

Here at Root & Bloom Craft Cannabis, we are deeply committed to formulating and providing the highest-quality in cannabis wellness for all, both novices and connoisseurs alike. One factor (out of many) that makes our cultivation, extraction, and manufacturing operations the best is that we have amazingly talented people on our team.  Our combined experience […]

Learn the Lingo!

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There is a world of options available to cannabis consumers. For a newcomer it might be hard to know where to start, while seasoned smoker or vaper might be interested in branching out beyond joints and edibles. Our spread is abundant and we know you’ll find your favorites. To help you out, let’s start with […]

Why Buy Root & Bloom?

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We know you have your choice of growers. But when you buy from Root & Bloom you know you’re buying from a facility that adheres to strict Massachusetts regulations, which are already some of the toughest in the country. At Root & Bloom we hold ourselves to an even HIGHER standard, testing and testing again […]

Indica vs. Sativa

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There are lots of ways to find your vibe. Some like to learn through research, some through experience, but it’s good to have a basic grasp of varieties. Let’s talk about your sativas vs your indicas. SATIVA Sativa is your day-time, pep-in-your-step, “let’s get a creative flow” go-to. While cannabis may have developed a reputation […]