The Art of Rolling: A Comprehensive Guide to Crafting the Perfect Joint

Just like any art form, crafting the perfect joint takes skill and practice. But don’t worry! We’ll teach you the rolling ropes so you can become an artist yourself. In this blog, we’ll give you step-by-step instructions on how to roll the perfect joint, from preparing your cannabis flower down to the finishing touches.

What You Need To Roll the Perfect Joint

Before you get rolling, you’ll need to gather your materials. Aside from your favorite cannabis flower strain, here’s everything you’ll need to roll the perfect joint:


  • Cannabis Grinder: Grinders transform your buds into a rollable form. Grinders come in all shapes and sizes, but they all serve the purpose of breaking down your cannabis flower evenly.
  • Rolling Papers: Rolling papers come in hemp, rice, and even flavored varieties for those who like a little extra zing. Choose from standard, king-size, or anything in between, depending on your mood or the size of your party.
  • Filters or Crutches: A filter or crutch at the end of your joint serves a dual purpose – it keeps the shape of your joint nice and sturdy, and more importantly, it keeps those tiny bits of cannabis flower from ending up in your mouth.
  • Rolling Tray: A rolling tray gives you a dedicated space to work your magic. It keeps your cannabis contained and provides a flat surface, making the whole process a lot more manageable. Plus, it’s way easier to clean up!
  • Poking Tool: Whether it’s a pen, a small stick, or a specialized tool, something to pack down and tidy up your joint is a game-changer. It helps you get that even, compact roll that’s just right.
  • Patience: Not exactly a physical tool, but oh-so-important. Rolling the perfect joint can take a little practice, and that’s okay. Each roll is a learning experience, and soon, you’ll be rolling like a pro.

Prepping Your Cannabis Flower to Roll a Joint

Let’s talk about the first crucial step in our joint-rolling adventure – preparing your cannabis flower. Just like a chef preps their ingredients for that perfect dish, we need to get our green ready for the ultimate experience.


The key here is to break down your buds into just the right size – not too big, not too powdery. Pop your buds into your grinder, give it a few twists, and voilà! You’re looking for a consistency that’s easy to roll but still has some texture to it.


A uniform grind means your joint will burn evenly, giving you a smooth, enjoyable experience. Too chunky, and you’ll have a hard time rolling and an uneven burn. Too fine, and you might end up with a too-tight roll that’s hard to puff.

The Rolling Process: A Step-By-Step Guide

Alright, now it’s time to turn that well-prepped cannabis into a masterpiece. Let’s break down a rolling regimen step-by-step so you can start your journey to becoming a joint rolling expert.

african american woman at home rolling marijuana joint from dispensary bought weed

  1. Lay out your rolling paper with the sticky side facing you and up.
  2. If you’re rolling a joint with a filter, roll it into a spiral and place it on one end of your rolling paper. Make sure it stays in place throughout the rolling process.
  3. Take your evenly ground cannabis flower and sprinkle it onto the paper. Aim for a line running down the middle, but don’t overload it – a little goes a long way!
  4. Now, the rolling part: Pinch the paper between your fingertips and start gently rolling back and forth. This step is about shaping your joint, so take your time. If you notice any lumps or empty spots, just nudge the cannabis flower around until you get that even, cylindrical shape.
  5. Once your cannabis flower is evenly distributed and shaped like a small cannabis burrito, it’s time to tuck and roll. Tuck the unglued side of the paper around the cannabis and roll upwards until just the sticky strip is showing.
  6. Lick the sticky strip lightly (like sealing an envelope) and roll it all the way up. Give it a gentle tap on the table to settle everything in.
  7. Behold your joint! You did it!

The Finishing Touches

You’re doing amazing so far! Your joint looks great – now it’s time for the grand finale. These finishing touches are all about finesse. Let’s make your joint not just smoke-worthy but display-worthy, too.

Properly Sealing Your Joint

Sealing your joint is crucial. Run your lighter quickly along the seam of the joint. The idea is not to burn the paper but to use the heat to seal it. Then, give your joint a moment to dry to make sure that the seal holds and the paper doesn’t unravel. You don’t want all your hard work to go to waste.

Making Your Joint Pretty

We eat (or, in this case, smoke) with our eyes first, right? So, let’s make your joint enticing. Gently roll your joint between your fingers to smooth out any wrinkles or bumps.

Process for rolling a cannabis joint. Top view of steps to roll a marijuana joint isolate on pink background.

It’s like ironing your favorite shirt – a little effort for that crisp, clean look. A uniform joint not only looks good but also provides an even burn. No frustrating ‘boating’ or having to relight halfway through. Beautiful to look at, beautiful to smoke.

Storing Your Rolled Joint

Unless you’re going to smoke your joint right away, you’ll need somewhere to store your freshly rolled masterpiece. A cool, dry place is ideal. Think about a small, airtight container – it keeps your joint fresh and prevents it from getting squished. If you’re on the go, try a joint tube or case to keep it safe and sound until you’re ready to smoke.


Root & Bloom Cannabis Dispensary — Come Experience Our Craft Cannabis Flower 

So, just like that, you’ve become a pro at rolling joints. From selecting the right tools and preparing your cannabis flower to the finesse of rolling and adding those final, loving touches, you’re on your way to perfecting this timeless craft. 


Each roll is an exercise in skill and an exploration of the finest blends nature has to offer. So light up, inhale, and savor the art you’ve just mastered.


Are you ready to start practicing? Get top-of-the-line craft cannabis flower from Root & Bloom and embark on your joint-rolling journey!

*The contents of this blog are intended for informational purposes only. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.*


Peter Sison

VP, Sales

Peter Sison has spent much of his career in education, from Merrimack College to The College Board, and there is one thing he is excellent at spotting: potential.  As a director of recruitment and enrollment, Peter believed in making higher education accessible to all students, helping them to realize their dreams.   As our sales manager, that means he’s not only interested in selling our products, but also supporting our clients and customers.  Peter builds the comprehensive partnerships essential for distributing our gorgeous flower and extracts, and his mission is to get Root & Bloom on a shelf near you.

Peter Deacon

Director of Facilities

We’ve brought Nature Herself indoors in our facility, and you can imagine that would require a lot of upkeep.  Peter Deacon is tasked with keeping our utopian microcosm in top notch shape, from the misters to the ventilation to the lights to the extraction equipment.  Our commitment to sustainability and low impact on our community means we built our facility to spec and to scale, and Peter knows it all back to front, bringing more than a decade of experience of lead tech and maintenance management experience.  With an impeccably maintained facility, Peter makes sure we grow impeccable plants. 

Brad Kutcher


With decades of experience building companies, Brad is a steady and seasoned businessman with deep roots in the community.  Brad is the president of his own general contracting and development firm (BradKu) with over thirty years in business.  He works extensively in residential and commercial development and specializes in large, multi-faceted projects; he has successfully developed commercial projects such as national pharmacy chains, local banks, healthcare offices, and commercial office space build-outs.  Brad’s revenues in 2018 topped $5.4 million and he employs and manages over 100 workers and subcontractors on a weekly basis.

With a reputation for going beyond cookie-cutter basics and being dedicated to his craft, Brads business acumen, sense of fairness, and quality of work has led him to successful partnerships with local communities and municipal boards, who all know that when Brad makes a promise, he keeps it.  His steadfast integrity is the backbone for Root & Bloom, allowing our innovation and creativity to flourish.

George Haseltine


George is a natural-born entrepreneur and disruptor looking to expand the cannabis industry, and he has been dreaming about opening Root & Bloom for a long time.  Fascinated by the power and potential of cannabis since childhood, George was ready to go when cannabis legalized and cultivation and production hit the mainstream. 

Having founded two residential construction and development companies that have yielded over $100 million in revenue, and always staying at the forefront of technology and innovation, George was able to use his knowledge and experience to have a hand in building our facility from the ground up. And George doesn’t only build companies, he builds- and retains- teams of smart, motivated, successful employees.

Cannabis cultivations and manufacturing is on the brink of leaping from old-fashioned farming to state-of-the-art production.  With his finger on the pulse of technology, and with a passion for sustainability and innovation, Root & Bloom is poised to capitalize on this unique moment with George at the helm.

Jennifer Kealy


In the honeymoon after legalization, cannabis regulations have been changing constantly.  From expanding their reach to becoming more minute and specific, here in Massachusetts keeping track of compliance regulations is a full-time job.  Good thing we have Jennifer Kealy, who stays so on top of legislation that regulators call her for advice.  Compliance doesn’t just mean licensing, Jennifer makes sure that our equipment and products are up to code, every day.  Strict regulations means strict oversight, but it also means constant improvement through data analysis and collaboration between teams. Having served as the vice president of operations at Mindful and going on to helm her own consulting firm, Jennifer has truly found her place in the cannabis world and has earned respect in the industry. With her holistic approach to our multi-faceted business, she makes it all look easy. 

Raysa Mateo

Human Resources

Whatever our team has going on, they can rest easy knowing they have Raysa in their corner!  She brings an exceptional history as a senior human resources generalist in the food industry, and has been integral in establishing our inclusive and equitable workplace culture.   From settling in new hires to being an advocate, Raysa takes care of our team so that they can focus on their cannabis artistry.  We want our headquarters to be the best place to work, a place where we celebrate each other’s skills and aspirations; Raysa makes that happen.

William Windham

VP of Cultivation

William’s expertise spans all facets of cultivation, but for all his large-scale experience at Mindful in Colorado, he stays plant-focused, making sure they each get personal attention.  At Mindful, William tended 80,000 square feet of canopy, harvesting 3,700 plants every week; that’s a LOT of nurturing, and it results in extraordinary flower.  But his mastery doesn’t end with the harvest; William has been developing a data-driven process for drying and curing, and focuses on trichome production, development, and preservation. Trichomes are what hold the delicious terpenes and soothing cannabinoids, and can get lost in the preservation process; by focusing on containing their goodness, William maximizes the capabilities of our cannabis.  We asked William what his absolute ideal growing facility would have and look like, and then we went ahead and built it to coax him out here to New England.  You’ll love the difference his trichome treatment makes in our products!

Spencer Sovik

Cultivation Manager

You may know Spencer by reputation from his work in the legacy and underground markets, but it when he became the head of cultivation at Bask in 2014 that he really became known in his field. He took Biodiesel, the hybrid strain highly-prized amongst cannabis connoisseurs, and made it even more dependable: he grew it with a THC level of 27.6% over the course of two years, with a variance of 3.7%. That is the level of knowledge and precision we get to enjoy with Spencer around. He tends to his plants with as much love as cutting-edge research, infusing his propagation methods with knowledge of genetics, cannabis tissue culture, and phenotype selection. He’s got curiosity, drive, initiative and experience. 

We snapped Spencer up and gave him the freedom to be our plant-whisperer as only he can be.  Spencer hand-selects our species and strains for terpenes, cannabinoids, and exquisite sensory experience; and he knows how to bring out their best.  If you know him, you’re excited we’ve got him. If you don’t know him yet, try his flower and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without him.

Angelo Pietrosanti


Angelo is an award-winning cannabis extractor and product manufacturer with a background in biotech. He had our ear when designing and installing our state-of-the-art labs, and with his nearly a decade of lab management experience he’s ready to take the abundance of our raw plants right down to their most basic components and oils. Crafting products that deliver consistent experiences is his specialty, and it all comes down to his fine-tuned process. With a history of upgrading labs for compliance and building and leading round-the-clock teams, Angelo’s approach is based in creativity and building a community and culture. 

Justin Hunt

Manufacturing Manager

Justin started his career in cannabis in an entry level position with both feet on the ground, but it wasn’t long before rocketed to the top of the class. In a small growing facility, he quickly tripled their yield and stood out with his imaginative products. Rising through the ranks to production manager, he led teams to first place in 2020 in The Rooster THC Classic and received other accolades for his products. Justin’s knowledge of cannabis extraction and processing is encyclopedic and always growing. From solventless extractions to inhalable concentrates to edibles, Justin knows just the right way to bring out the potential in our plants. You’ll be delighted with what he puts on the menu, stay tuned!

Katie Bell

Financial Controller

Katie is an obvious choice to take care of our finances: as an avid thrift-store treasure-seeker, she lives and breathes frugality, creativity and sustainability.  But don’t be fooled by the steez, Katie has 15 years of hardcore accounting experience under her belt, and her put-together nature also applies to managing our money, keeping those growlights on, and generating revenue for more.  Growth-oriented and a veteran of both start-ups and established corporations, Katie brings the creativity and savvy we need to navigate the market and our aspirations as we revolutionize the cannabis industry.

Kyle Teixeira

Chief Operating Officer

We didn’t just hire Kyle because he’s had an outstanding career at Cedars Foods and Nestlé and therefore knows snacks.  We love him because he was able to manage over 700 people across three different facilities, taking it upon himself to ensure that everyone knew they were a valued member of the team, because good business thrives in good relationships.  Supervision at that level takes extraordinary management skills and heart, which is exactly what we need to take our concepts and ideas and bring them to market as products and experiences tailored just for you.  Under his leadership in his previous position, 6 operations he commissioned resulted in 900,000 saleable units every single week, so he’s ready to take on our own aspirations here at Root & Bloom. He’s an expert in food-grade manufacturing techniques and regulations and is ready to oversee our state-of-the-art production lines.  Kyle’s not just the guy that looks after day-to-day operations and maximizes our operational functions, he’s the guy that makes sure everyone at the table gets heard.   He’s constantly looking for new ways we can improve our production and our business, but Kyle believes the key strategy is in managing our teammates; he always brings out our best.

Zoë Cohen

VP, Marketing/Communications

Zoë is passionate about making the magic of cannabis accessible to everyone – and ensuring that opportunities in the industry are open to all. Cannabis is an industry that is still taking shape, and Zoë is taking the lead by building change into the very culture of Root & Bloom, taking it upon herself to obliterate the notion that cannabis production will always be a “boys’ club.”  With vision and dexterity, Zoë is using her 20 years of experience helping innovators and disruptors find their voices and their markets to stamp our own brands and identity with a singular vibe. 

With her background in non-profits and education, Root & Bloom’s place in the community is particularly important to her. Cannabis should never be intimidating, and when it comes to bringing our products to the masses, Zoë is all about the goods, not the hype.

Corey Smigelski


Our industry depends on nature, which can never be completely controlled; with so many moving parts and variables, you need someone in leadership with a cool, level head, like a pilot.  Corey is our guy.  His track record includes not only over a decade in executive leadership, but also making time to give back to his community as a volunteer.  He cares, and not just about the bottom line.   

With a passion for product development, Corey’s expertise includes strategic financial leadership, cultivating outstanding sales and marketing teams, and driving business growth.  He comes to us after being a general manager and partner in Goddard Inc, where they specialize in the design of medical equipment and industrial robots, giving him a keen eye for our lab equipment, its function in testing and production, and the future of cannabis and biotech.  Corey is an innovator and entrepreneur who sees endless potential in cannabis and was ready to get involved on the ground floor.  

In his decade with Goddard, Corey’s guidance facilitated their growth from $1.8 million to $8 million; you can’t do that without building strong relationships and trust with your team, your clients, and your community.  He’s also an actual pilot. A real one, with the attention to detail and accuracy that comes with that title. With our very own facility built to scale, Corey is just the one to guide our growth as a company, setting the standard for excellence.

Tom Regan


Tom understands where we’re coming from, where we’re headed, and what we’ve got to do to get there. While his specialty is helping businesses create lasting ties with their communities and consumers while achieving their growth objectives, it’s his generosity with his own knowledge and experience that truly makes him an outstanding leader. He’s innovative; he’s grounded; of course he is; he’s a New Englander.

Coming from a career in tech startups and Cisco Systems, and with a passion for building teams and growing companies, Tom was excited to learn cannabis inside and out. You might think the architect of billion-dollar deals might not be interested in things like extraction techniques or beneficial bugs, but Tom is committed to balancing the corporate world with a deep appreciation of the craft. 

A pioneer in his field, Tom took Mindful in Colorado from growing and extracting to distributing and retailing. It is a testament to his knowledge and passion for the industry that he became a consultant for aspiring growers, and after selling Mindful to a large national cannabis company, we were honored to have him join Root & Bloom.

Devoted to his team, Tom celebrates their knowledge of cultivation, nutrition, organic practices and data analysis and is always eager to dispel myths about his industry. If there can be a corporate CEO with a startup spirit, that’s Tom Regan. His strategic vision will position us for success, but it’s his passion for the industry, process and people that will put our stamp on the market as the purveyor of the finest cannabis products available.